Dishy Dualie DC FAQs

I emailed you and never heard back!

We're really sorry. Please try again if it's been more than a couple of weeks! Rudeness will not be tolerated. 

How do I change my address, update my payment method, or cancel my order?

Please visit the Purple Dot website and login using your pre-order number (located in your confirmation email) and the same email address you used to make the purchase. If you need to update your shipping address, please make sure you do it before you receive the email notifying you of shipment as, by that time, it is too late! If you've ordered an enclosure as well, unfortunately you'll have to email us to cancel as the system doesn't have a method of handling those. 

When will my order arrive?

Like much of the tech industry, we have to navigate complex supply chain issues in order to build and ship the Dualie to everyone who ordered one. We are doing everything we can to source more inventory and get all the orders shipped, but we are often running behind schedule and we really appreciate your support and patience. You will receive an automated email when your order ships. Emailing to ask when it will arrive won't make it ship any quicker. If you received a confirmation email, you're in line and we are getting them out in the order that they come in. If you can't wait any longer, we're sorry and we understand, please visit the Purple Dot website and login using your pre-order number (located in your confirmation email) and the same address you used to make the purchase and cancel your order there. Please note if you also ordered a case you will have to contact us to cancel as there isn't an automated way to do it. 

Do I have to pay up front for my pre-order of the Dualie?

No, you do not. Your method of payment will be automatically charged when we fulfill the order. You do have to pay up front for the enclosure.

I have a question that isn't answered here!

Please email and we will do our best to get you a reply in a timely manner. Please understand that we are a very small company and we are working hard to keep everyone happy. Replies are sometimes delayed and rudeness will not be tolerated.

We do our best to answer technical support questions, but I remind you again that we are a very small company and the same people who would answer your questions are the ones building and testing the boards, assembling cases, packaging your orders, sourcing more inventory, and developing new models. We do not have the bandwidth to manage an online forum but we highly encourage our users to find an online community on Reddit, Facebook, or the social media of your choice to discuss problems with other users. Technical support questions will be prioritized based on the severity of the issue. The more detail you can provide, the more likely your question is to receive a timely response. And, of course, if your board is defective we will send a new one!

My package didn't arrive!

We're really sorry this happened. Please reach out to the delivery service that was responsible for your package. We will need confirmation of a lost package before we can replace it. 

If you live in Europe, you may experience a rare package exception where your order will appear to ship and then immediately be delivered. This is almost always caused by the postal service mistakenly flagging the package as containing a battery and it is returned to us. We will correct the error and re-ship as soon as possible. 

Can I add an enclosure to my order?

Unfortunately, no. We have no ability to authorize charges to your method of payment, but you can place a separate order on the website! Sometimes it is possible for us to combine the orders, but we do not guarantee this. Since the cost of shipping a larger and heavier box that contains two items is more than the cost of shipping smaller and lighter boxes that each contain one item, you do not save money by combining them. 

Does it work with round V1/Gen1 Dishy?

We do not currently have access to a round dish but we are working to have one on hand for longer term testing.

While electrically and pin compatible using the default T-568B pinout, the round Dishy is reported to consume up to 200W with snowmelt enabled. It may work with snowmelt disabled, but we can not guarantee it at this time until we have a v1 dish on hand.

Does it work with Performance/Marine/In-Motion Dishy?

The current version of the power supply is not tested or recommended for use with the performance dishy, as it requires more power than V2 rectangular. However, we do have a performance dish on hand and will be developing a higher output version specifically for it in the future. You can subscribe for updates on, and we'll send out an announcement when it's ready.

Does it work with the Gen 3 model?


Will non-PoE capable routers be damaged if attached to the PoE router port?

The passive PoE voltage at the router port can be disabled by removing the router PoE voltage selection jumper.

My PoE enabled router requires 36-56V PoE voltage, can I use the 48V output of the boost converter to power my router?

Yes, the Dishy Dualie DC includes a jumper that allows router PoE voltage selection between the input voltage, or the 48V output from the boost converter. The jumper can also be removed to disable PoE output on the router port to operate with non-PoE enabled routes.

Can I use the Yaosheng adapter?

The Yaosheng adapter works great with the Dualie and does not require a cable modification or custom patch cables. A standard off the shelf patch can be used between the Yaosheng and the Dualie.

Can I power it with a cigarette lighter adapter?

No, you cannot. 

How do I wire the remote shutdown?

The Remote switch terminal is for wiring SPST switches between the "common" and the respective shutdown terminal. The "Router Switch" is to independently control power to a PoE powered router. The "DC-DC switch" terminal is for disabling the entire 48V boost converter (and is the lowest power consumption state). The "Dishy switch" is for independently disabling the Dishy (for example if you want to leave a PoE router running on LTE, but disable the starlink to conserve power).

What is the UVLO select jumper for?

It selects the minimum operating voltage to prevent deep battery discharge and maintain stability of the boost converter. It can be set to 20V for 24V systems. 

I blew a fuse!

Unfortunately, due to supply chain complexities, we had to develop the board with some non-replaceable surface mount fuses. The main fuse is a standard automotive blade fuse, but there are 2 small surface mount fuses to prevent against shorts in the Dishy connector/cable. As such, unless you have the technical capability to de-solder and replace them, we will have to replace the board. Please get in touch with with the subject line [BLOWN FUSE]. 

What are the dimensions of the board/enclosure?

109.5mm x 97.4mm x 25mm (board)

114.8mm x 111.5mm x 44mm (enclosure)

Can I use a PoE splitter?

Yes, we recommend the UCTRONICS UC-3AF-USBC. You connect the splitter to the Dualie and leave the PoE jumper installed and then connect the router to the splitter and power will not be applied to the ethernet port but will be applied to the USB-C connector.

What router should I use?

Our recommendation is a 48v PoE 802.3af/at router so you can power it with the Dualie, however any router will work if you power it externally.