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Dishy Dualie DC Power Supply

Dishy Dualie DC Power Supply

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The perfect solution for powering your Starlink Dishy terminal in remote locations.

Designed specifically for use in RVs, cabins, or off-grid energy systems, this power supply allows you to run your Dishy and router on batteries, ensuring reliable and consistent connectivity even in the most remote locations.

Connect your Starlink™ Dishy to 12/24V DC power systems without the losses incurred by the use of an AC inverter. The onboard 48V boost converter is designed with >95% peak efficiency allowing you to stay connected longer.

The unique dual PoE feature enables powering a PoE capable router simultaneously from a single DC power source. The router voltage is jumper selectable between the input voltage for lower voltage routers which use passive PoE injection, and 48V for 802.3at/af routers. Voltage at the router port can also be disabled by removing the jumper for non-PoE enabled routers which are powered independently.

Three independent remote shutdown signals enables you to connect single pole switches to selectively disable either the Dishy terminal, the router, or the DC-DC converter to conserve batteries.

Important Notes

This power supply has not been designed or tested for use with the round Gen1 Dishy and is intended for use with the rectangular Gen2 only. This version does not work with the high performance dish, but the team is hard at work on a new version that will!

A modification to square dishy cables is required. An RJ45 connector must be crimped onto the cable. You must also supply your own router to replace the original Starlink router.

For additional information, please see our Frequently Asked Questions


  • Wide input 10-30V DC input supply enables operation from 12V or 24V batteries
  • >95% efficient 48V 2.5A boost converter
  • Passive 48V PoE on all 4 pairs to the Dishy Port
  • Passive PoE passthrough from input supply to the Router Port
  • Independent load switching of both PoE ports with remote shutdown terminals
  • Reverse polarity protected
  • Input fuse protected
  • Output fuse protected
    • 10A input fuse
    • 3A 48V Dishy fuse
    • 3A Router PoE fuse
  • Under voltage lockout prevents deep discharging batteries
  • Pluggable terminal blocks for easy wiring
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